Business Meeting 2018

The annual CAP DNP Business Meeting was held on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS.

Meeting minutes (taken by C. Andreoiu)

DNP annual meeting | 2018 CAP Congress in Halifax | June 12th, 2018

Attendee list on Page 3

Chair: G. Gwinner (GG)
Chair Elect: C. Andreoiu (CA)
Treasurer: B. Davids (BD) (not present)
Web master: Z. Papandreou (ZP) (not present)

Minutes by CA

Happy Birthday to our Chair!

12:42 Approved agenda; Reiner seconds; all in favour
Minutes; Ritu; Reiner seconds; all approved

Updates on executive

Financial report; CAP provides report; available on DNP site or on request
Balance on Dec 31, 2017 positive; Surplus ok

Financial progress
~1,500 per year to spend
Thesis prize $1,000
$300 CAP student prizes
$250 WNPPC student prizes
$400 CAP invited speaker
Deficit per year about $450
Bank balance ~$2k; expect to spend $1k on thesis prize; it will be posted on the DNP site

Free for students; remember to encourage your students to become members
119 full members
200 students members (down from last years)
153 undergrads
47 grads; advertise to grad students

Upcoming elections
2-year cycle
Election of new secretary-treasurer coming up in 2019
CA chair elect
Election of new chair elect coming up in 2019

DNP website
CAP wants to host Divisions website
Divisions will get access to their membership e-mail lists (great!)
DNP will be their guinea pig
Zisis will help
Huge “thank you” to Zisis for doing all this work for us!

No conference support; this comes from CINP these days
Previously DREB 2016; SSP 2015 were supported.

Student support for conferences
– CAP 2018
10 oral submissions; 1st prize ($200); 2nd prize ($100)
3 of the 10 students not eligible due to membership status
– WNPPC 2018: $250 prize
– CAP 2018 invited speaker support not offered; but plenary speaker (E. Cornell) hosted by DNP

CAP Advisory Council Meeting attended by GG in September 2017 in Ottawa and June 2018 in Halifax (no support by DNP or CAP)
CAP financial matters very interesting

DNP Thesis Competition
Led by C. Andreoiu (SFU)
6 theses submitted, all high-quality; committee of G. Grynier (Regina), J. Mammei (Manitoba), A. G (Guelph); consensus
Winner Mirko Mirelli (UBC), supervisor S. Bacca (TRIUMF); Mirko will give a seminar at TRIUMF on Thursday 2018-09-06 at 2pm
He was not able to travel to CAP to present his research as he left academia.

CAP Congress 2018 in numbers
8 sessions held by DNP (5 of them solo); 3 in collaboration with DTP, PPD and DIMP
5 joint sessions led by PPD/DTP
11 invited talks
plenary talk by E. Cornell
20 contributed talks; no posters
student talk competition; judges: Gerald. Michael, Corina, Garth

Other business
CAP: shorter sessions?
More joint sessions with DNP/DPP?
CINP should send a message to its membership to join CAP
We should contact Juliette M to boost membership
DNP should advertise the CAP DNP sessions on its site, ask Zisis
2019 CAP at SFU, Burnaby
Reiner invites all DNP members to come to TRIUMF and celebrate its 50th anniversary and participate in Science Week.

That’s all! The end.

Chris Jillings
Reiner Kruecken
Arthur Olin
Peter G. Blunden
Michael T. Gericke
Gerald Gwinner
Elie Korkmaz
Jeffery W. Martin
Aleksandrs Aleksejevs
David Lee Hornidge
Corina Andreoiu
Svetlana Barkanova
Rituparna Kanungo
Adam James Sarty
Nigel J.T. Smith
Makoto C. Fujiwara
Claudio Kopper
Garth M. Huber