Executive Minutes 2020

July 2nd, 2020 CAP DNP Executive Meeting Minutes

The virtual meeting was called to order via Zoom by DNP Chair Corina Andreoiu (CA) circa 13:00 PDT on Thursday, July 2nd, 2020. Michael Gericke, Gerald Gwinner, & Barry Davids (BD) were all present. A two item agenda was adopted unanimously.

CA began the meeting by opining that we ought to meet annually as an executive committee in addition to the annual business meeting. No objections were registered.

After considerable discussion, it was unanimously agreed that the procedures for voting on motions throughout the term of this executive committee when an in-person or virtual meeting proves impossible shall be as follows.

1. The chair calls for a vote on a well defined, unambiguous motion.
2. Discussion, if desired, proceeds via email.
3. Voting is carried out via email directly to the chair (without replying to all).
4. The results of the vote, including how each member voted, are transmitted by the chair to the committee for verification and information purposes.

The committee then discussed a request received by the chair from Prof. Kanungo that the CAP DNP provide $1000-$1500 to support the Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions 2021 Conference. The Secretary-Treasurer reported on the state of the division’s finances and the history of conference support over the past 6 years was discussed. In the end the committee agreed that it couldn’t afford to support conferences with its current budget and therefore would not make an exception for this conference. It was further agreed that the chair would reply to Prof. Kanungo to this effect.

CA proposed that the committee meet again in December and no objections were heard.

There being no further business, BD moved the meeting be adjourned circa 13:40.