DNP Executive

Current Executive

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Term Chairperson Chairperson-Elect Past Chairperson Secretary-Treasurer
2023-2025 Liliana Caballero Suarez (Guelph) (see CAP website) Michael Gericke (Manitoba) Barry Davids (TRIUMF)
2021-2023 Michael Gericke (Manitoba) Liliana Caballero Suarez (Guelph) Corina Andreoiu (Simon Fraser) Barry Davids (TRIUMF)
2019-2021 Corina Andreoiu (Simon Fraser) Michael Gericke (Manitoba) Gerald Gwinner (Manitoba) Barry Davids (TRIUMF)
2017-2019 Gerald Gwinner (Manitoba) Corina Andreoiu (Simon Fraser) Reiner Kruecken (TRIUMF and UBC) Barry Davids (TRIUMF)
2015-2017 Reiner Kruecken (TRIUMF and UBC) Gerald Gwinner (Manitoba) Zisis Papandreou (Regina) Barry Davids (TRIUMF)
2013-2015 Zisis Papandreou (Regina) Reiner Kruecken (TRIUMF and UBC) Jens Dilling (TRIUMF) Barry Davids (TRIUMF)
2011-2013 Jens Dilling (TRIUMF) Zisis Papandreou (Regina) Kumar Sharma (Manitoba) Barry Davids (TRIUMF)
2009-2011 Kumar Sharma (Manitoba) Jens Dilling (TRIUMF) Malcolm Butler (St. Mary’s) Barry Davids (TRIUMF)
2007-2009 Malcolm Butler (St. Mary’s) Kumar Sharma (Manitoba) Garth Huber (Regina) Greg Hackman (TRIUMF)
2005-2007 Garth Huber (Regina) Malcolm Butler (St. Mary’s) Mike Hasinoff (UBC) Greg Hackman (TRIUMF)
2004-2005 Mike Hasinoff (UBC) Garth Huber (Regina) Wim van Oers (Manitoba) Gordon Ball (TRIUMF)
2003-2004 Mike Hasinoff (UBC) Adam Sarty (St. Mary’s) Wim van Oers (Manitoba) Gordon Ball (TRIUMF)
2001-2003 Norm Kolb (Saskatchewan) Mike Hasinoff (UBC) Wim van Oers (Manitoba) Gordon Ball (TRIUMF)
2000-2001 Wim van Oers (Manitoba) Norm Kolb (Saskatchewan) Rene Roy (Laval) Gordon Ball (TRIUMF)
1998-2000 Wim van Oers (Manitoba) Stephane Filbotte (McMaster) Rene Roy (Laval) Gordon Ball (TRIUMF)
1996-1998 Rene Roy (Laval) Wim van Oers (Manitoba) Dennis Skopik (Saskatchewan) Gordon Ball (CRL)
1994-1996 Dennis Skopik (Saskatchewan) Rene Roy (Laval) Jean Barette (McGill) Gordon Ball (AECL)
1993-1994 Jean Barette (McGill) Dennis Skopik (Saskatchewan) Stan Yen (TRIUMF) Gordon Ball (AECL)
1992-1993 Stan Yen (TRIUMF) Jean Barette (McGill) Tom Drake (Toronto) Gordon Ball (AECL)
1991-1992 Tom Drake (Toronto) H. van Driel (Toronto) G. Roy (Alberta) M. Piche (Laval)
1990-1991 G. Roy (Alberta) Tom Drake (Toronto) Bob Andrews (AECL) W.P. Alford (Western Ontario)
1989-1990 Bob Andrews (AECL) G. Roy (Alberta) Ted Mathie (Regina) W.P. Alford (Western Ontario)
1988-1989 Ted Mathie (Regina) Bob Andrews (AECL) P. Taras (Montreal)
1987-1988 P. Taras (Montreal) Ted Mathie (Regina) W.P. Alford (Western Ontario)
1986-1987 W.P. Alford (Western Ontario) D.M. Sheppard (Alberta) D.F. Measday (UBC)
1985-1986 D.F. Measday (UBC) W.P. Alford (Western Ontario) J. Waddington (McMaster)
1984-1985 J. Waddington (McMaster) D.F. Measday (UBC) Jasper McKee (Manitoba) Jim Birchall (Manitoba)
1983-1984 Jasper McKee (Manitoba) J. Waddington (McMaster) R.J. Slobodrian (Laval)
1982-1983 R.J. Slobodrian (Laval) Jasper McKee (Manitoba) Y.M. Shin (Saskatchewan) Rene Roy (Laval)
1981-1982 Y.M. Shin (Saskatchewan)
1979-1980 D.M. Sheppard (Alberta)
1978-1979 P. dePommier (Montreal)
1977-1978 W. Falk (Manitoba)
1973-1974 R.M. Pearce (Victoria)