PhD Thesis Prize

The Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP) encourages entries for the DNP Ph.D. thesis prize to be awarded in Experimental or Theoretical Nuclear Physics to any student receiving a Ph.D. degree from a Canadian University in the two calendar years prior to the competition deadline, i.e. 2019 and 2020 for the Jan 2021 deadline.

To be considered for the award, the completed checklist (pdf file attached below) and letter of nomination must be submitted by the thesis supervisor, along with an electronic (pdf) copy of the thesis to the DNP Chief Judge by the advertised date, which will be communicated by CAP. The nomination letter should describe in detail the contributions of the student to the research work. The student’s C.V., including a list of publications and conference contributions, should accompany the nomination. A letter from the Department Head or University Dean indicating that the thesis has been formally accepted by the University must also be submitted. Simultaneous submissions to the DTP, DNP, and PPD competitions are not allowed.

The prize winner will be asked to give an invited talk at the annual CAP Congress in June along with a seminar at TRIUMF. Travel expenses will be covered by the DNP and TRIUMF. The winner will also be required to submit a 1-2 page article suitable for publication in Physics in Canada describing the significance of the thesis work before they receive a cash award ($1000) from the DNP.

Both the supervisor and the nominee must be members of CAP and DNP (applications to CAP and DNP at the time of application are eligible; documentation must be provided and acceptance of the nomination is pending admission to CAP and DNP).